Release of hostages: victory of intelligence over the sword

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Release of hostages: victory of intelligence over the sword


Written by: Colonel Luis Alberto Villamarín Pulido
Analyst of strategic studies
       Since the first wars of humanity, the two factions in dispute have used traps and tricks, which from methodical tactical successes turned into strategic significant blows which changed the course of wars. In short: Victories of intelligence over the sword. Special operations of land commandos with high doses of psychological action whose purpose is to annul the ability that the opponent has to fight and to be supported by civilians.
       The cinematographic release of 15 hostages kidnapped by the Farc such as Ingrid Betancourt, the jewel of the crown, the ace up the sleeve of the conspirators against Colombia such as Hugo Chávez, Rafael Correa, Piedad Córdoba, Daniel Ortega and the devious French government of Sarkozy.
      It is evident that many days ago, the presidents of Ecuador and Venezuela who supported terrorism were trying to free themselves from the information found in the computers of Reyes, they made the Colombian government look silly by releasing hostages through their ‘good natured intervention’ and of course they wanted to grant a belligerent status to the Farc through embassies and consulates in their countries.
      This situation occurred at the same time of the political show of the Court which wanted to discredit the legitimacy of the most popular president of Colombia after Simón Bolívar. However, there is always justice.
       From the Battle of Boyaca until today, once again the Army saved the republic it built. Without a leading role, without advertising, without asking for something, the Colombian soldiers hit the Farc as they have never been hit before, during the last decade.
      The conclusive operation was perfect and it can be compared with the Trojan Horse, the rescue of Mussolini in Sasso, Chavin de Huantar in Perú, the rescue of Entebe in 1976 and the death of the admiral Yamamoto during the second world war, etc.
     It is a combination of a meticulous and disciplined military, technical and human intelligence job: The use of sophisticated technical equipment of communication tracking, aerophotographies, satellite information, photo interpretation, etc. There was infiltration, a fingerprint follow up, location of agents in key points and a synchronized collection of information, a permanent analysis of the situation, knowledge of the potential reaction of the opponent and processed data.
      At the operational level, the conclusive military blow shows the professionalism and technical training of those who carried out the operation, the maturity to act at the right time, the courage of the soldiers who were responsible for the historical action, a millimetric coordination with the remaining units responsible for the closings and for the provision of immediate support and precise decision making. This is derived from the systematic work of the Staff. This is complemented by the experience gained during the blows against Simón Trinidad, Sonia, Raúl Reyes, Acacio, Lozada, Martín Caballero, Jota Jota, the desertion of Karina and the tempting offer which motivated the murder of Iván Ríos by a criminal.
      Logistically, there was precision, coordination and precaution in relation to the elements required for the carrying out of the operation until the end, nothing was missing.
      Psychologically speaking, the intangible thing that defines all the wars, the State is the only winner. The way in which the masters of fraud were deceived demonstrates that even “doctors die” and that the operational capacity of the Colombian army makes it the best, the more experienced and the more resourceful of Latin America. At the same time, Chavez is invited to think again and to see who he aims to attack.
     The results of this successful operation favored the administration of Uribe, they corroborate his capacity as leader and statesman and define the course of the Colombian war strategy.
      Chávez and Correa lost the jewel of the crown and despite their “good will” to contribute to the release of the remaining hostages; they will be always considered supporters of terrorism. The information of the computers revives. The remaining Latin American presidents will join Uribe and these two talkative neighbor presidents are going to have more problems with the internal opposition, now that Evo Morales, one of their allies is losing popularity.
     The Farc Secretariat will try to demand the humanitarian exchange of the remaining hostages; however, this will not have the international connotation that their Latin American buddies and the opportunist French government were going to give it. Of course, they will attack the economic infrastructure and they will try to make attempts against the senior State officers in order to relieve the pressure.
      President Uribe will be able to nominate himself for a third administration whose purpose will be to consolidate and socioeconomically develop the areas affected by the communist violence.
     This is good for the republicans in the United States because the three U.S. contractors were released following the visit of Mc Cain to Colombia. This and the extradition of the AUC leaders will have an effect on the electorate of the Northern giant and on the approval of the TLC since it would be difficult for sensible persons to understand how the devious and opportunist democrat congress turns its back to his best allied. The republicans and Colombia will win.
     Captured terrorists such as Martin Sombra and the three terrorist who had the survival proofs and who were in the waiting list will be surely sent together with César and his partner in crime to be prosecuted by a Federal Court for the kidnapping of the three contractors.
     France will have to assume a most serious role without exhibitionism. Denmark, Sweden and Norway will have to pursue the terrorists who take refuge in their territories. And much more. In the meantime, Colombia will have to continue with the Farc-politics process. It cannot be forgotten.
      On the other hand, the mother of Ingrid Betancourt will have to stop saying the offensive words she said to discredit president Uribe or she will have to publicly apologize for her bad behavior. The talkative senator Luis Eladio Perez will have to do the same. He will be obligated to accept that words he pronounced were an order of the Farc guerrilla.
      I cannot make more comments because I do not have more space to write. However, I would like to highlight other elements for the new generations: 1. The loyalty of the Army with the country 2. The permanent support of the president to the armed forces, a fight which did not count with the political support of the former presidents until this administration
     In short: The intelligence and the sword are necessary for victory; however, intelligence always helps soldiers to win. The Jaque Operation will make history as the day in which Colombia finally defeated psychologically and politically the armed and revolutionary project of the Colombian communist party. 
                                                           Taken from: El Tiempo Newspaper of July 3 of 2008

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