The FARC Cartel (I)

The FARC Cartel (I)

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ISBN: 9781538081914

     The FARC Cartel, is one of the "star books" of the author Colombian Colonel Luis Alberto Villamarín Pulido. This text, written as a combination of chronicle with scientific investigation and historic description. In this sense, The FARC Cartel describes one by one, the steps how the FARC has been immersed in cocaine traffic and consequent terrorism against Colombia. In 242 pages illustrated with photographs and statistical charts, the author gives to the readers enough information  to interpret and understand the lines of criminal behavior mixed with totalitarian political aspirations of the Farc and the Colombian Communist Party. This book was the first in the genre to warning the world about the profiles of the war and the peace, the violence and the real life of the Colombian peace, affected for the FARC actions. 
     The FARC cartel was also the first book that enhanced the USA Department of State to define the FARC guerrillas like a terrorist and cocaine traffic group, despite the proofs that individuals like Myles Frechette ex USA Ambassador in Colombia, who denied this true.

     The first volume of the Farc Cartel covers the period 1978-1996, and its content obviously invites the readers to complete the information reading the Volume II, that is covering the period 1996-2007 and Volume III that is covering the period 2007-2015.    
50,000 copies of the Volumen I in Spanish published as El Cartel de las FARC is the main proof of the academic and historic scope of this book.

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