Colombia can not sit back against the Chavez war warning

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By  Colonel Luis Alberto Villamarin P.


Published in El Tiempo Bogotá Colombia, June 16th, 2010


    Consistently, the Venezuelan president has traveled the route of all political and strategic steps that throughout history have shaped the stages prior to international wars. Chavez has dark intentions. He is desperate due to unsustainable internal situation in Venezuela, for the eventual re-election of Uribe and especially eager to see Colombia as governed by the FARC and inserted into the strategic plan of the XXI century socialism.

         As a Marxist-Leninist and submissive to the orders of Fidel Castro, beforehand, Chavez is in war against Colombia and everything that is not communism or in the other side of his partners of the FARC. His madness spurred by Fidel and Lula, can lead to irresponsible performing of an armed aggression against Colombia.

         The sum of a methodical and calculated facts made by Chavez, indicates that he only needs the "trigger". A serious event involving an armed response from Venezuela with a view to a blitzkrieg against Colombian strategic points, for instance one "transcendental assassination" hatched with the assistance of Islamic terrorists, or an incident of Nicaragua against Colombia, or a small battle between troops of both armies at the border of the two countries.

It is curious that the barrage of verbal attacks and announcements of country on a war incited by Chavez on Sunday, has occurred so soon Lula offered his "good offices and intentions" to lay Uribe and Chavez to make peace, together with his minister García (unconditional friend of the FARC), offered the non asked services of the Brazilian Air Force to patrol the Colombia-Venezuela border.

        As in the fable of Rafael Pombo "Governments worthy and timid, where you put cheese do not allow cats" because Unasur full of communists and leftist opportunists eager to outshine the OAS and the United States away from the rest of the continent, seeking to incorporate Colombia within the socialist sphere and under the Brazilian rule; and in second place, legitimate the FARC as a revolutionary army, with embassies in each of the countries with governments allied to the Forum of Sao Paulo.

         Uribe can not fall back into the mistake of giving this sensitive issue in the hands of Lula an accomplice of the FARC. Although it seems paradoxical to many, Lula is more concerned that there is an armed conflict between Colombia and Venezuela.

The reasons are obvious: That way would have to him the chance to act as the mediator-savior and the "hero of the day". Something similar to Fidel Castro staged charade when he instigated Chavez to break off relations with Colombia because of Granda's capture, but then appeared on stage as an "impartial mediator".

         While Evo Morales justified the verbal and warlike actions of Chavez, there is a suspected silence of "Colombians for peace", along with the blatant and cynical attitude of Ernesto Samper, to whom words shame and dignity seem do not exist.

       The same situation happens with the political parties directors, congressmen and the very Supreme Court, provided that such moralistic despite they attack President Uribe, but in this case indifferent to an obvious and imminent armed aggression of the Chavez against Colombia.
        For these and many other reasons, Colombia must take strategic, political, diplomatic, economic, geopolitical, military and psychological actions.
        At the strategic level the Colombian government should provide a national mobilization. No first class reserves only. Time to dust off plans for national security and defense has come. It is necessary to activate the Higher Council for National Defense, to update war plans of the Armed Forces, to rethink the logistical requirements in each of the classes and supplies, to update incorporate statistics and precise data of companies, hospitals, civil defense groups, paramedics, men and women of military age, and so on.

       On the diplomatic front, forcing lounging consuls and ambassadors to submit to all foreign offices where they are accredited, the details of the strategic plans of the Forum of Sao Paulo, Alba and Unasur, aimed at deposing the Colombian institutions with the clear interest of implementing a Communist totalitarian dictatorship like Cuba's one.

Urgent action request of the Security Council of the United Nations to block Chavez's intentions, and simultaneously, a demand looking for international condemnation to the leaders of Ecuador, Nicaragua, Cuba, Brazil and Bolivia, for supporting communist terrorism.

         In the economic field, is necessary to urge bureaucrats Colombian diplomats to work more hours and particularly focused to positioning Colombian products in other markets, different from bellicose neighbors. And of course, that Lula will not do more antics in bed with Chavez and the FARC.
        In the geopolitical field, it is necessary to clarify once and for all if Democratic administration of the United States, what is the actual position of the northern colossus, which so far seems to indicate that the Pentagon is on one side and the White House for another, in relation to Colombia.

        The intentional delayed of TLC with Colombia by the U.S. Democratic senators, in contrast to the high price in blood of soldiers, policemen and civilians in the fight against communist narco-terrorism leaves the feeling that Colombia is alone in defending freedom and if Chavez aggression occurs, the White House would opt to shift the problem to Colombia and to diplomatic mediation of Lula or his eventual successor.

In the military we must mobilize and train reserve in regular warfare operations, while counterinsurgency units continuing the battle against the structures of the FARC and the ELN.
For this purpose, military forces must be equipped with the latest generation technology, for instance air defense systems, rocket launchers, battle tanks, bombers, artillery, communications and warships.

And in the psychological field, Colombia needs to qualify and increase military propaganda campaigns to persuade the terrorists of the FARC to demobilize; to give Venezuelan population specific information about the negative gravity of war between two sister nations, and to continue strengthening the faith in the cause of their own troops, to maintain their mystique of combat.

           Mr. President, Ministers, Senators, Governors, mayors, it is the time for a national mobilization, and, the chance to break the chains of indifference and inertia around national defense.

There is a serious threat in the political landscape. Venezuelan President warned the world of his intention to attack Colombia.
      "Warned War does not kill soldiers," goes the old adage.

     Colonel Luis Alberto Villamarín Pulido
Strategic affairs analyst

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